Application for Middle School and High School Students

The information you provide on this application is for eligibility purposes only. We are required to have eligibility information on file for each participant we serve for audit purposes.

The TRIO ETS program is federally funded through a grant at the University of Idaho. 2/3 of our participants must meet both of our eligibility requirements.

TRIO ETS is a federally funded program that assists individuals who want to pursue post-secondary education.  This program is provided at no cost to the participants or their families. The program provides academic, career, and financial counseling. We work with students in 6th through 12th grade in Post Falls, Rathdrum and at Venture High School in Coeur d'Alene. 

In order to determine eligibility we will ask you about your taxable income and level of education. Only 2/3 of our participants need to meet both income eligibility and potential first generation eligibility so we encourage you to apply even if you don't feel you qualify.

TRIO E.T.S. also works with adults who would like to obtain a GED or who have graduated from high school and would like to explore their educational opportunities. Please apply through our Adult Application found on our website.

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Academic Information

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Parent or Guardian Information

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Potential First Generation Eligibility Information

Potential first generation is defined as...

1) An individual neither of whose natural or adoptive parents received a 4 year baccalaureate degree.

2) An individual who, prior to the age of 18, regularly resided with and received support from only one parent and whose supporting parent did not receive a 4 year baccalaureate degree; or

3) An individual who, prior to the age of 18, did not regularly reside with or receive support from a natural or adoptive parent.

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Income Eligibility Information

The information you provide is for eligibility purposes only. We are required to have this information on file for each participant we serve for audit purposes.

2/3 of our participants must meet both Income Eligibility and Potential First Generation Eligibility. Students who do not meet both criteria might be put on a wait-list.  

Income Eligibility is based on TAXABLE INCOME

Taxable Income is not your Adjusted Gross Income

You can find your taxable income on your tax form.

Form 1040 – Line 15 (Last line on 1st page)

If you do not have quick access to your Tax Return and you are trying to estimate your TAXABLE income, here is a quick guide.

Estimated Gross Income - Standard Deduction – Child Tax Credit

Standard Deductions for 2023

25,900             Standard Deduction for married filing jointly or qualifying widow(er)

 19,400             Filing Head of Household – single parent with children.

12,950             Single (no child or dependents) or married filing separately

Child Tax Credit for 2023

The maximum tax credit per qualifying child is 2,000 for children 5 and under - or 3,000 for children 6 - 17.

As a parent or guardian, you are eligible for the Child Tax Credit if your AGI is less than $200,000 when filing individually or less than $400,000 if you are filing a joint return with a spouse.

(This information was retrieved from the IRS website on 3/2/2023 this information can help you estimate your taxable income but does not take into account other deductions you might qualify for. If you have access to your Tax forms (1040) refer to line 15.)


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Informational Release

By submitting this application.  I/we authorize the University of Idaho's Educational Talent Search (ETS) to obtain documents relative to and consistent with my child's education.  Such documents may include: a copy of my child's school transcript, test scores, ACT/SAT or GED scores, and school lunch program eligibility.  I/we authorize ETS to obtain information related to my application for receipt of student financial assistance, a copy of my award notification from the financial aid office, and college admission information.  I/we authorize ETS to release or obtain information from any agency or program providing supplemental services. 

I hereby give my permission for my child to participate in all Educational Talent Search activities.  I hereby give my permission for my child's name, photograph, work, and/or statements to be used by ETS for promotional, publicity, or instructional purposes.  Unless otherwise indicated

Permission to Use Photo *

Code of Conduct:

 TRIO ETS is a college preparation program.  As a participant of the program I agree to conduct myself in a professional and respectful manner.  I will meet with my advisor on a regular basis in order to get the most out of the program.   When participating in activities I will participate fully and adhere to the safety guidelines of that activity.

Applicant Has read and agrees with the code of conduct above statement
I certify that the information on this application are true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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